About me

What is the use of jewellery? Decoration, the explanation is plain and simple.

Not always is this just a decoration, jewellery often defines our unique features, highlight our femininity. It can be an eye-catching provocative element, a memory keepsake or just a joke …

Silver looks like steel, though no longer shiny, it is still silver.

Moss in a ring? Why not?

Or refined silver-made lace, beautiful germs in elegant form.

A woman if flighty.

Just like my jewellery. Diversified. Unexpected.

I like jewellery with a meaning, made for a purpose. This is the kind of jewellery I make. I make it for my own purpose; I can make it for you too.

Kapitał Ludzki Unia Europejska

Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.

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